About Us

Our Story

September 2020 saw the official opening of Learn with Confidence with a team of qualified education practitioners providing excellent teaching in their subject specialisms, and is home to a small number of learners who attend between 1 and 12 hours a week as their primary source of education.

In September 2021, Learn with Confidence became a not-for-profit organisation, focusing on the education and well-being of those who attend, both young people, their families and everyone who works with us.

Learn with Confidence was established by Kat Perry, a Head of Department and qualified teacher since 2003.

Learn with Confidence aims to empower families and offer them a choice in their educational path, the route decided by the needs of the learner.

Learn with Confidence moved in September 2022 to exciting new premises, and now is able to offer a wider range of support to young people.

Accessing Education

Accessing Education

Having worked across West Sussex since 2010 supporting learners with a variety of needs, including those with Social, Emotional and Mental Health challenges, as well as Special Educational Needs, it became apparent that there were many young people who are finding it difficult to access education through traditional means and who are looking for an alternative way to achieve academic success.

Our Centre for Learning

Learn with Confidence is a collaborative approach placing the learner at the centre of it’s ethos, and offers education to the young people of Horsham and surrounding areas.

As a drop-in centre for learners to study the subjects of their choice, it provides a calm, caring and confidence-building environment.

It also provides support to local schools by offering short-term respite education to their students who find school a challenging place to be.

Qualifications & Exams

Learn with Confidence offers a wide variety of GCSEs, A-Levels and functional skills

We are now an exam centre offering young people the opportunity to have the full experience of learning and achieving national qualifications with us.

Additional Support

September 2023 saw additional space become part of the family feel centre and allowed LwC to support more young people and their families. In Summer 2024 LwC will host GCSE and A-Level exams, having become an approved exam centtre for AQA and WJEC exam boards.